“Even though I’m at a junior level, I get the same opportunities as senior team members.”

JinJu C.

Category Manager

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Joined In 2015

Works On Sales management for eBay’s fresh food on Auction

Enjoys The flexible environment & work/life balance at eBay Korea

eBay offers fresh food in Korea?

Yes, eBay Korea has three brands, one of which is Auction. My role at Auction is sales management for the site’s fresh food category, which mainly consists of communicating with sellers, helping them make their products attractive, and bringing new products onto the platform. For instance, we have a daily deal where I introduce several new products every day. As a Category Manager, I need to not only be well informed about the kinds of products available to promote, but also to deeply understand the online platform. It means a lot to me, and I truly take great pride in my job.

How does seasonality affect your business?

Currently, the Lunar New Year is coming up in South Korea. It’s the biggest and most-celebrated?holiday in many East Asian countries. So nowadays, I’m busy updating and expanding the PB (PrivateBrand) product line for the Auction site. The latest PB deal we’ve closed is with Farmer Story, which?is a very special and authentic brand reflecting the farmers’ true heart and soul. When choosing?Farmer Story, our team wanted to show that Auction has unlimited potential. We want to offer not?only inexpensive commodity products, but also products of the highest quality. Last year, PB,?including Farmer Story,?was the best-selling?brand among all eBay Korea sellers.

Dealing with food must be quite different from the usual eBay fare.

Selling fresh food raises challenges with many of the spontaneous risks that can pop up along everystep of the delivery chain. We work hard to eliminate problems and inconveniences from the?beginning, starting with the purchase itself. By decreasing the size of the order, for example, we strive?to ensure freshness. I often communicate directly with farmers, and not just the sellers, in order to?deliver the freshest food possible directly from the farm. It’s very important that our customers can?trust that the food we deliver is always fresh.

We hear you like the eBay logo. Tell us about that.

I know it sounds silly, but what first attracted me to eBay was its colorful logo. When I was in college,I participated in a research project that led me to eBay, which I learned owns G-market, a Korean?online site I had been using for more than ten years and where I was known as a super-buyer! G-market is a very innovative site that truly cares about its customers, which made me think that eBay?would also be an equally innovative company to work for. So I went?to the eBay recruiting site, saw?the colorful logo that attracted me in the first place, and decided to apply for a job.?I’m so happy I did!?I started as an intern and soon discovered that a career at eBay Korea can be as delightful as the?company’s logo.


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