“eBay is a platform that connects people and provides a playground that is fun to be in.”

Ji Na H.

Data Product Manager

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Joined In 2006

Works On Developing solutions that enable data-driven decision- making

Enjoys Building intuitive, user-friendly website features

What do you like best about working at eBay and what attracted you in the first place?

There are so many great things about working at eBay, but the best is the opportunity to truly expand?your skillset. I’ve had five different “careers” in the ten-plus years I’ve been here. I started out at?Gmarket, which became a part of eBay via acquisition in 2009, and am now a Data Product Manager.?Over the years, eBay has made it easy to take advantage of opportunities to change what I do. The?different perspectives I’ve gained through my various career paths have had great synergy, and make?me confident about an amazing future still to come at eBay. I always wanted to do something that?helps people connect with other people. That’s exactly what eBay does.

How does what you do behind-the-scenes show up on the user’s screen?

We develop data-driven decision-making tools that help product managers build infrastructure?features that improve the customer experience. We don’t modify the basic functions of eBay Korea’s?website. Instead, we change rules that alter the way things appear, where they appear, and the order in?which they appear. These almost-invisible changes are designed to make end-users feel more at ease?with greater autonomy. For instance, we use structured data to understand user behavior, which, in?turn, helps eBay serve up products and deals better aligned with a customer’s tastes and preferences.

How about your office environment — fun or all business?

There are two places in our office that I like most. One is the Canteen on the 37th floor, and the other?is the Bangkok room on the 35th. The view from the Canteen is amazing, especially on snowy and?rainy days. It really helps me refresh and refocus when I am under pressure. The Bangkok room is?spacious and has a variety of game machines and massage tools to help us relax. A little while back,?we had a Yoots tournament (a traditional Korean game) in the Bangkok room. Made us all as happy as?little kids!

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I recently took calligraphy lessons and participated in a festival where I was challenged to write?meaningful lines on the spot using my calligraphy skills in front of college students. I also like?seasonal sports, so there’s no time to get bored, no matter the season. I have a scuba diving?certification, and am planning on going on a diving trip next year. I’m also in a marathon club and?participate in about six marathons a year. It is so exciting and fun. Thanks to the marathon club, I?dream of participating in the City2Surf event, an international marathon in Australia, next year. I look?forward to meeting my eBay Australia colleagues!

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