How We Hire

While some specifics may vary by location, brand, or role, here is how to start your path for a career at eBay.

Start by looking for a position that matches your skills, interests, and?qualifications.

When you find a role that sparks your interest, click Apply and submit your information.

Do your research and be prepared to discuss your work experience and qualifications.

If your experience and skills seem like a good fit we may reach out to schedule an interview.

Finding the right position

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Start by searching for a position that matches your skills, qualifications, and interests. Once something sparks your interest and experience, click “Apply to job” and follow the login and submission instructions. If you do not already have an account, you can create one as part of this process. Submit your information for review.

Applying for a position

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Yes, please be prepared to provide complete information during the application process as well as making an electronic copy of your resume accessible. A PDF or Word document is fine. You will have the opportunity to upload it directly from your computer or upload it from certain third party providers (such as LinkedIn and Dropbox). If you like, you can also type or paste your resume into the appropriate section.

If you need to change the email linked to your account, we can help you. Simply?Contact Us. However, you can access the password recovery link on the login page when you’re applying to a specific job. On the login page select the "forgot password" link. Enter the email associated with your eBay Careers account and answer the security questions. Once you correctly answer the security questions, you will be able to reset your password. You can only reset your password once every 24 hours.

No, you must create a profile on our Careers site to apply for a role. This allows you to include all the required information in your application. Email, fax, or paper copies of your resume or CV will not be accepted as an application.

After submitting an application

Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by our talent acquisition team. If you are a good fit for the position (or another open position), a recruiter may contact you to discuss your application and the role.

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There is no need to follow up after applying for a job online and submitting your profile. If your skills and experience appear to match an open position, we may contact you to discuss your qualifications.

Be prepared: tips for getting hired

We want to set you up for success. Review our tips for getting hired and come prepared.

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Be sure to read the full content of job postings carefully, particularly the minimum qualifications. If your experience qualifies you for the position it will improve your chances of consideration.

For maximum visibility we recommend tailoring your resume to the specific position(s) that you apply to. This helps our recruiters find the needed information on your resume quickly and helps you stand out above other candidates.

Keep your profile information current and up-to-date, including work history, job qualifications, phone number, email address, and mailing address. Also, keep track of your username and password in order to log back into your account.

If your skills and experience appear to match an open position, a recruiter may contact you to discuss your background and the position, and advise you about what to expect in the interview process.

Your first interview will likely be a phone conversation with the hiring manager. If it seems that you are a good match for the position, then we will schedule an in-person interview.

At the job interview, you will most likely meet with several interviewers, which may include your potential managers, co-workers, and mentors.

Our interview process may vary depending on region and the opportunity you are applying for.

Tips for interviewing

  • Come well rested, dress comfortably, and be yourself.

  • Do your research. Brush up on our company, what we do and recent news. You can find out a lot on?

  • Always come prepared and have genuine enthusiasm. We will ask specific questions depending on the position you are applying for, but all our questions are intended to help us see your capabilities.

  • Ask us questions, too. Thoughtful questions demonstrate your level of understanding, your interest and your passions. Plus, it helps make sure eBay is a good place for you.

  • Demonstrate your thinking process and expertise. For example, if you are a coder come prepared to write code and expect questions that are specific to your process.

  • During the interview it is a good idea to inquire about next steps and if there is a timeframe for making a decision.